Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order for today?

We no longer offer same day delivery.

Remember you can order up to 4 weeks in advance.

What days do you deliver?

We personally deliver locally Tuesday to Saturday.

Click here to find out more details about our delivery area.

Do you do Gluten free?

The simpler rolls, poke bowls, nigiri and sashimi don’t contain gluten. However, we can’t give a guarantee that anything is ever 100% gluten free though as there is always a chance of cross contamination. Any roll with a fried element such as tempura will contain gluten.

I'm pregnant, do you freeze your fish?

We freeze all the fish we use apart from salmon. Farmed Atlantic salmon has an exemption to the freezing rule because they’re able to exclude parasites during the farming.

How much sushi do I need to order for a main meal per person?

We usually recommend around 12-16 pieces a person for a main meal. Our larger platters contain around 36 pieces. The smaller platters have 20 pieces, and the All the Rolls platter has 32. Our rolls are cut into 8 pieces, and our poke bowls are good size for a main meal for one.

Can I change or swap the filling or topping in a platter?

We don’t tend to change the composition of the platters. Most of the menu is available to order as individual portions though.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery costs from £2.95 to £9.95. Standard delivery is free on orders over £60


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